Engineers Unite!

Welcome to Engineers Unite.

Thank you for taking a look at Engineers Unite, here is a brief Q&A regarding our site.

Q: What is Engineers Unite?

A: We are an Unincorporated Association of individuals interested in promoting science, technology and entrepreneurship.

Q: How did Engineers Unite begin?

A: A small group of engineers who attended Arizona State University wanted to create a forum where other engineers can discuss; new scientific discoveries, new technologies, education and entrepreneurship.

Q: What discussions are preferred on the Engineers Unite forum?

A: We encourage discussions on our forums for the following topics:

  • New, old and obscure technologies
  • Scientific discussions
  • Networking events for engineers
  • Technology Entrepreneurship
  • Local to Global events for Engineers, Scientists and Technologists
  • Formation of groups for the advancement of science and engineering

We discourage discussions for the following topics:

  • PseudoScience
  • Politics
  • SPAM
  • Phisihing
Please contact us with any questions: contact @
Again Thank You for visiting our site and we look forward to see you participating on our forum and events.